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Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by voluntary donations from a large number of people
The system of crowdfunding has long been known to the consumer. This method allowed to involve people who do not have the opportunity to make large investments, by implementing the idea of supporting the projects they liked by the feasible investment or contribution.
There are many examples of successful projects, that have received funding thanks to crowdfunding. The average American citizen is willing to invest up to $ 6,000 in projects that interest him (from creative to scientific and charitable projects).
Thanks to the widespread use of the Internet today, people of all countries have the opportunity to invest in projects or research they like from thousands of miles away
Blockchain in this case provides the transparency and eliminates the use of intermediaries.
We combined crowdfunding and blockchain technology to seek financing for scientific projects
ScientificCoin is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform. Its main purpose is to provide financial support for scientific projects. ScientificCoin is an opportunity for any scientific project to raise funds.
The platform allows the developer to reduce the time to promote his project to potential investors and not to use advertising. All that is necessary is to provide the most detailed information about the project.
First, the platform participant needs to fill out the form, on the basis of which the mathematical analysis will be carried out
Researchers noted that information on innovative projects is often incomprehensible, and acquaintance with scientific project is a long process for most of the sponsors, which of course usually does not bear a positive result. The additional information, videos, and illustrations help investors to understand the project, increasing the chance of investing
Rapid communication with potential investors increases the level of confidence in the project.
On the basis of the laboratory center more than 50 kinds tests are carried out, including research: immunobiological medicinal products (vaccines, toxoids and toxins used in medicine; serum, immuno- and gamma globulins, preparations from blood and other biological substrates used in medicine; drugs from the blood of others and obtained by genetic engineering; bacteriophages; immunomodulators, immunocorrectors; allergens; preparations from intestinal normoflora; diagnosticums, antigens, test systems used in medicine; sera, antibodies and other diagnostic preparations; nutrient media microbiological, nutrient and biological raw materials for virological nutrient media used in medicine)
Biotechnopark Koltsovo - the first biotechnological science city in Russia, initiated by the government of the Russian Federation. On the base of Koltsovo a research and production site are created, which accumulate development companies, research and production in biotechnologies and related areas.
We are glad about your interest in the scientificcoin project. You can get a small amount of free coins using these two services: ScientificCoin platform and MonsterBrain.

We are not an ICO, the tokens we created until the launch of the platform are distributed free of charge among students and scientific developers. We are financed by investment companies and Venture funds. If you want to become a partner, please fill out the form below.

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