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We remember the good deeds well, especially our own! When we have a good opportunity to do something meaningful and decent, we, as a rule, do this with pleasure and feel confident about the benefits it will bring.

In recent years, the incidence of measles has increased 22-fold (epidemic outbreaks are observed in 16 countries in Western and Central Africa). In some cases, measles outbreaks are observed together with the activity of Ebola virus.
It is difficult to bring people to goodness with lessons, but it is easy to do so by example
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR located in Siberia is the producer of the measles vaccine.

The cost of the vaccine produced in Siberia is $2. This is much lower than the cost of its European counterparts, which varies between $8 and $15.

We established the Charitable Foundation φιλανθρωπία philanthropy managed by Biotechnopark Koltsovo, , scientific support of the project is carried out by the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR

The funds received from donations will be used to produce vaccines and transferred to the governments of countries in need.


The Foundation accepts donations in any cryptocurrency. The minimum amount of donation is 1 measles vaccine - $1.
Every person who has become a participant in a charitable action will receive a badge of honor in his wallet in the form of a special token φιλα, which cannot be sold or donated. Thus, the account of the person who made the donation will always remain in history.

Before every shipment of vaccines to the needy, we will invite journalists and bloggers of different nationalities. The number of vaccines produced will strictly correspond to the φιλα tokens sold. The report on the transfer of vaccines will be published here

Together we will spread the positive energy of cryptoworld and save real lives with cryptospeed without bureaucratic hurdles and corruption.
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