We are glad to inform you that our team will present the Scientificcoin project at BlockshowAmericas, which will be held in LAS VEGAS on AUGUST 20-21
More than 50 kind of tests are carried out on the basis of the laboratory center, including: immunobiological medicinal products (vaccines, toxoids and toxins used in medicine; serum, immuno- and gamma globulins, preparations from blood and other biological substrates used in medicine; drugs from the blood of others and obtained by genetic engineering; bacteriophages; immunomodulators, immunocorrectors; allergens; preparations from intestinal normoflora; diagnosticums, antigens, test systems used in medicine; sera, antibodies and other diagnostic preparations; nutrient media microbiological, nutrient and biological raw materials for virological nutrient media used in medicine)
Biotechnopark Koltsovo - the first biotechnological science city in Russia, initiated by the government of the Russian Federation. Research and production site, which accumulates development companies, research and production in biotechnologies and related areas was createdon the base of Koltsovo.
The Federal State Budgetary Institution of State Scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector" Federal Service for Supervision in the field of protection of consumer rights and human well-being – one of the biggest scientific virological and biotechnological centers in Russia. The mission of the Center is scientific and practical support countering global infectious threats.
Center for Virology and Biotechnology Vector is a developer of vaccines against HIV/AIDS, the only Russian vaccine against HIV/AIDS, which reached the second phase of clinical reserach. On order of Russian Government "Vector" has developed a vaccine for the prevention of Ebola fever named "ЭпиВакЭбола". This is protein-containig (poliepitope) vaccine, created under the autor's development and registered in accordance with the established procedure with a registration certificate "ЛП-004750" of 26 March 2018.
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We are glad to inform you that our team will present the Scientificcoin project at BlockshowAmericas, which will be held in LAS VEGAS on AUGUST 20-21
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