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MonsterBrain is a multi-level platform for enhancing erudition with an incentive system. The purpose of this platform is to motivate the younger generation to develop the strengths of their brains. MonsterBrain is an opportunity not only to become smarter, but also to earn on it. Unlike other training systems, ours is absolutely free. All that is necessary is a desire
"You cannot go halfway!"
Not many of us can boast of assiduity and a complete lack of laziness. You can choose your level of difficulty. Teams of psychologists, neurophysiologists, mathematicians, together with the best teachers, have created a questionnaire with free-form answers. After the analysis, we will find your best sides and drop the corresponding training program.
What do I have to do
As you sow so shall you mow
We have a multi-level system, like in game. After filling in each questionnaire, you can get our coins or compete for a place in the "Hogwarts" summer school in the Altai mountains
Duration of study
You do not have any time limits. You can develop at your own pace.
Do not worry about the grades. The system completely excludes the division into excellent or D student. We are looking for talents. And there are some in each of us.
We stimulate and encourage your achievements. You can win not only intellectual gifts in the form of training courses and subscriptions for weekly trainings from developers of the Technopark. The best guys can spend their holidays in the educational centers of Europe: England, Italy, France, Germany.
The experts
Cooperation with the scientific center of Russia provides an unlimited number of scientific directions. You can win interactive training from Doctors of all sorts of disciplines or even learn from them personally during a month!
Age of participants
Monsterbrain is a bridgehead for the young and ambitious!
Absence of any restrictions:
Individual approach to each participant. The team of psychologists will direct your skills in the right direction

Availability of the largest scientific base. The best institutions and scientific incubators stand on the other side of the screen. And they are watching you ...

A multi-channel learning process that involves all your think tanks. You will have to strain your brain and shake the dust from the gyri........

Stimulation is an important aspect of the platform. You can become the owner of our coins already at the first stages of training. How to work with crypto-currencies and how to get your first wallet? Read here
We are glad to inform you that our team will present the SCIENTIFICCOIN project at the CIS Fintech and Banking Summit, which will be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on March, 27-28
We are glad about your interest in the SCIENTIFICCOIN project. You can get a small amount of free tokenss using these two services: SCIENTIFICCOIN platform and MonsterBrain.

We are not an ICO, the tokens we created until the launch of the platform are distributed free of charge among students and scientific developers. We are financed by investment companies and Venture funds. If you want to become a partner, please fill out the form below.

In addition, please use our live Telegram chat in English.
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We are glad to inform you that our team will present the SCIENTIFICCOIN project at the
CIS Fintech and Banking Summit,
which will be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on March, 27-28
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