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Scientificcoin is a blockchain platform for scientific projects with decentralized evaluation.
Scientific projects will be able to obtain funds necessary for development, and investors will reliably assess the profitability and risks through expert decentralization. Given the high reliability of an expert opinion, a project with a good quotation will be capable of attracting the necessary funding without expenses on advertising. Each project that raised funding through Scientificcoin pays 5% of the amount collected (these funds are distributed annually between Scientificcoin holders).

The uniqueness of this platform is using a hybrid system for assessing scientific projects. A mathematical algorithm in combination with a decentralized expert assessment provides a high performance indicator for the platform operation. The scientific council of Scientificcoin consists of an unlimited number of decentralized citizens of any country possessing different skills, knowledge, experience, and mentality. Each expert will receive a reward, which is determined by the degree of involvement, rank, and quality of assessment.

The algorithm corrects the results of people's assessment in any direction in accordance with the tried and tested solutions, which are applied today on stock exchanges, as well as in insurance and investment companies.
We are glad about your interest in the scientificcoin project. You can get a small amount of free coins using these two services: ScientificCoin platform and MonsterBrain.

We are not an ICO, the tokens we created until the launch of the platform are distributed free of charge among students and scientific developers. We are financed by investment companies and Venture funds. If you want to become a partner, please fill out the form below.

In addition, please use our live Telegram chat in English.
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We are glad to inform you that our team will present the Scientificcoin project at the Finnovation,
which will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa on October, 1st.
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