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What is the idea of the Scientificcoin platform?
Scientificcoin is a platform for free placement of research projects that need private investment. By crowdfunding their projects, the creators of scientific projects can realize their projects while avoid the costs involved with marketing and searching for intermediaries. Projects placed on the Scientificcoin platform undergo a mathematical algorithm evaluation procedure and a decentralized expert council.
What makes this scientific platform unique?
We are the first crowdfunding platform offering decentralized evaluation of scientific projects: we focus on science. and we are providing a full ecosystem to back a solid cryptocurrency.
What country should the project be from? Are there any restrictions?
On the platform there are no restrictions. A scientist from any country can place a project on the platform, passing a standard selection system for all.
Will ScientifcCoin help scientists handle the advertisement aspect of the project?
We will rate projects in order to give more credibility when dealing with investors, One investor coming to our platform will have an objective rating of different projects, as well as any potential feedback from the community.
How can I can present my research project here. What are the steps?
Right now that is still not possible. You must wait until the platform launch to list your project.
Basically, you will be required to create a smart contract and to fill in a 70 questions survey.
What will scientific coin be doing differently that will help scientists achieve their dreams in the crypto space?
We offer them a fair and unbiased analysis of their projects based on economic/mathematical research and on the community feedback; "the wisdom of the crowd." Our objective rating will help them to get credibility in front to investors and increase the chance of successfully funding their projects.
How will Scientific coin work as an affiliation to the educational sector?
We are also building an online university targeting scientific content. Our vision (long term) is to build a world-wide science ecosystem.
What projects are on the platform?
Scientific projects from nearly any different scientific field can be posted to the platform. Each project has an individualized development stage and payback period.
Is it correct that if I don't hold a minimum of 6 SNcoin(utility) I won't be able to enter or access the scientific platform in the future?
Yes, to participate in the platform we require people to have a minimum number of tokens in their wallets. Over time, the number of tokens required will change based on the token's value.
Is ScientificCoin planning to fund projects that are not science-related in the future?
On our platform we will only host research projects. We have optimized our tools for science.
What features does the Scientificcoin platform provide for users?
The platform allows any user to generate revenue. Any registered user can act as an expert, receiving rewards at SNcoin in return for thoughtful and balanced evaluation of scientific projects. The evaluation takes place in the form of estimating ratings of and discussing projects through comments.

The platform also provides an opportunity to engage in mining, based on Proof-of-research technology.

Scientificcoin provides an opportunity for investors to use their funds without intermediaries; independently weighing the pros and cons of proposed projects by studying detailed information about the project using the quantitative evaluations of the mathematical algorithm and the qualitative assessments of the expert council, as well as during open public discussion and possibly by personal communication with the project's creators.
What would be the benefit to holders in this project?
We are building an ecosystem to support the circulation and use of our token.
Our efforts should help to raise the token value over time.

a) you will be able to use our coin to fund crowdfunding campaigns listed on our website
b) to use our freelancer platform and our online university you will be required to hold some coins
How do I buy Scientificcoin tokens?
Tokens are distributed free of charge among the student community, in the scientific community, and among influencers of the cryptocurrency market. You can purchase from 1000 tokens at a closed sale by contacting at or via Telegram chat
Why does the Scientificcoin platform use blockchain?
Blockchain technology allows us to create the decentralized expert council, carry out annual universal votes by SNCOIN holders, create smart contracts for scientific development, attract platform participants, and reward experts, miners and SNcoin holders.
Do you plan to develop your own blockchain?
Yes. The Scientificcoin token exists on the basis of the Etherium (ERC-20) token. After the platform launches, each token will be replaced with SNcoin of our own blockchain.
What amount is going to be collected by the Scientificcoin platform?
We have not and will not conduct a classic ICO to complete the development of the platform. So far we have created 60% of it by using our own funds.
Why invest in Scientific Projects on the Scientificcoin platform, if you can invest in a venture fund instead?
The difference is that the venture fund decides for you where to invest, using their subjective opinion about the prospects of the project being invested. Scientificcoin gives you an open environment for you to decide on your own how to dispense your personal funds. Having studied the information about the project, communicated directly with the developers of the project, and analyzed the final evaluation of the mathematical algorithm and the expert council, the investor can weigh all the pros and cons independently and make a decision about whether to invest or not. With the help of the smart contract templates developed by us, transactions between investors and creators of scientific projects will be convenient and safe.
What is the hard cap and soft cap?
No soft cap! In the first round of investments, we are looking to raise $2.2M, which returns a 25% share in Scientific Coin Inc - a US-based company which has subsidiaries in Switzerland and Russia + a corresponding amount SNcoin utility and SNcoin security tokens.
In the event you fail to hit your soft or hard target, what will be the fate of the project?
Unlike other projects, we have the funds to create a platform, we are not new in business. We are looking for investors or partners to create a global platform. Now we have offices in 3 countries and we want to have offices in 50. (we have the principle of collecting investments the same as Facebook or other Silicon Valley startups). But we are a crypto project, and therefore we need to have hundreds of thousands tokens holders. Therefore, we distribute them to promising young people.
What is the minimum amount of investment?
The minimum amount of investment in any scientific project will be determined directly by the creator of the smart contract, into which this information will be incorporated.
In what currency are project funded in your platform?
Initially ETH, later many other crypto currencies/FIAT will be accepted (including our utility coin).
How long does it take to gain returns on an investment?
Deadlines for the implementation of each scientific project are individual and dependent on the scale of the project. It is necessary to understand that a long-term investment in a large scientific project can bring greater financial benefit than investing in a small project. However, the risks, prospects and profitability of projects will be evaluated even before the creation of a smart contract.
How do I invest in one of the scientific projects on the platform?
To invest in the project, you can directly contact the creator of the scientific project on the platform Scientificcoin, as well as using the smart contract that they created.
Why can't I see the roadmap on the site like other normal projects?
The launch of all key processes is associated with the launch of the platform (the beta version is currently running).

Thus [and we write about this in the white paper ] by the end of 2019 the platform will be launched; SNcoin will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and the evaluation of the first projects on the platform will be launched.

If you are interested in the announcement of events - we regularly publish information on our website
Who are the partners of SCientificnCoin?
Our partners include research centers, universities, and state technoparks.
How many members have you got in your team?
Our team consists of well-known scientists, heads of research centers and experienced businessmen, as well as a team of mathematicians with extensive experience in AI development. Currently, there are 42 people in the team. You can familiarize yourself with the team on the website or in
Is there no advisor on the team?
More than 15 scientists act as advisers. You can see the list of scientific advisors in the team section on the site
Where the project is located?
Our holding company is incorporated in California:
The White Summers Building 541 Jefferson Ave., Ste. 100 Redwood City, CA 94063 +1 (650) 504-5780
in addition, we have branches in Russia and Switzerland:
- Viale Castagnola 27, Lugano, Switzerland, 6900;
- Technoparkovaya 10/1, Koltsovo, Novosibirsk region, Russia, 630559.
Do you have an app for ScientificCoin?
The application will be released after the launch of our own blockchain.
What is the mathematical algorithm?
The mathematical algorithm is a program specially developed by us for evaluating projects for specific qualities, such as: knowledge intensity, resources, profitability, commercialization potential, project risks and six other characteristics.
Why is a mathematical algorithm used for rating?
We need to balance the expert views in a more objective way.
The rating algorithm that will be used is based on more than 70 Characteristics,
Which is divided into 5 section, Can you explain what those 5 sections consist of?
The mathematical algorithm is based on more than 70 main characteristics divided into 5 sections. Each scientist fills in several forms, providing the values of those main 70 characteristics.

For the convenience of evaluating projects by an expert council, 12 quotes were given - characteristics. And one overall assessment of the project - a total of 13 quotes. This division is optimal and as clearly as possible separates the main aspects necessary for project evaluation. You can get acquainted with these quotes and their description on the platform.
What is the decentralized expert council?
Our expert council consists of independent, unaffiliated citizens from different countries who use a decentralized platform based on blockchain. The expert council is required to supplement the results of the algorithmic evaluation. A lively, impartial and public discussion of scientific projects will help to identify any "pitfalls", determine the majority's opinion about the project and help potential investors understand the essence of the project and its prospects.
How do I become an expert on the Scientificcoin platform?
To become an expert and start evaluating scientific projects, earning SNcoin, you need to register on the platform and have a certain amount of SNcoins.
Do i need to have a degree to become an expert in your platform?
You can become an expert without a degree. This is one of the advantages of our platform. Everyone has knowledge and experience in their particular industry. You can evaluate projects according to whatever criteria that you are competent in. Also, you can choose to focus on particular disciplines. For example, if you understand IT, you can choose projects in this particular area.
How do you avoid manipulation by the expert council?
The algorithm recognizes experts who use bots and other prohibited techniques, as well as those who set scores at random and do not ponder the essence of the project and imposes penalties or may even ban them. Here is a link to an article that details this issue in detail:
How does the involvement of a decentralized expert guarantee the unbiased evaluation of a project?
This is done by combining both "wisdom of the crowd" and results from our objective algorithm; it's a complex combination of math, sociology and psychology using both quantitative and qualitative analysis.
How many experts are needed to evaluate a project?
There is no framework. The more experts that make assessments, the more accurate the sample will be. Here you can apply the usual algorithms from statistics. The larger the sample, the more accurate the results.
How do I earn Scientificcoin tokens by evaluating scientific projects?
In addition to the annual accrual of 5% to SNCOIN passive holders (the return on successfully funded projects), active users who are experts and who have evaluated scientific projects receive additional compensation for the thoughtful and objective awarding of scores to scientific projects on existing project ratings. In the case of negligent attitudes to the evaluation of scientific projects, the platform provides for a system of fines and bans.
What will the total emission of Scientificcoin tokens be?
The emission of Scientificcoin tokens will amount to 100 million coins.
What is the total coin supply during swapping?
The total number of pre-mined SNcoins is 100M. Later, we will decide (based on our algorithm calculations) the new year's supply which will depend on the number of projects funded, their values, etc. Those tokens will be mined via proof of research (BOINC).
What will be the original cost of Scientificcoin tokens?
When the beta version of the platform is launched, the opening cost of the token will be set at $ 1.50
What is the smart contract of SNtoken ?
What kind of tokens does Scientificcoin have?
Sceintificcoin will exist in two forms. SNcoin is currently a token based on ERC20 and it will be replaced with a coin of its own blockchain after the platform launch. SNcoin is a utility token and will be necessary for using the services of, and; in order to access the platforms you need to keep a few coins. At the time of the platform launch it will be 6 coins. in 2022 - 2 coins.

The second form of Scientificcoin is a security token. These shall be registered in the USA Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). They will be released after the platform launch and they will be received by all users who have been verified, according to the laws of the states of residence of SNcoin holders. These holders will be issued 1 SNcoin (security) per 1 SNcoin (utility) - dividends token. Each project that raises funding through ScientificCoin pays 5% of the amount collected; these funds are distributed annually between the ScientificCoin SECURITY TOKEN holders.
Can I list my token built on your smart contract on an exchange?
Yes, you can!

Developers can independently create unique smart contracts, choosing from a variety of parameters and terms by using ScientificCoin templates. The platform will automatically generate an individual contract based on ERC 20 with the label SNcoin. The released tokens will be automatically listed on ScientificCoin's partner exchanges as created by the platform.
You said there will be a token swap. When will that be? And will it be automatic or manual?
Release of tokens will be automatic and access to them after verification will be in accordance with the laws of the country and/or state in which you live.
Is this based on ethereum blockсhain? Why would you switch?
Initially yes, then we will switch to our own blockchain. We prefer to have our own technology.
Are the holders of Scientificcoin receiving income?
Each project that reaches it's target funding goal through Scientificcoin pays 5% of the amount collected, which will be distributed annually among SNcoin holders. Projects which do not reach that goal are returned in full to donors.
ScientificCoin platform pays 5% of the amount collected back to the platform, and these funds are distributed annually between ScientificCoin holders. Do you think you can sustain the payment?
This is the typical fee structure for crowdfunding platforms; taking a part of raised sums and distributing as dividends. We take 5% from any successful crowdfunding campaign
How can I earn money on this platform? By assisting research work? When will that process start?
Each SNcoin holder may receive remuneration by joining an expert evaluation council. Experts should analyze the need for such a product on the market, and then use the given methodology to investigate project feasibility.
What do you mean by "proof-of-research?"
Basically, you will be rewarded by providing CPU cycles to research projects in the BOINC framework.
The mining process is done through Proof-of-research supported by BOINC technology. What does this mean?
It's quite a new framework. Basically, instead of spending energy to solve a cryptographic problem you will "loan" your cpu to help research project. You can learn more here
How then is the scientific platform going to build their own blockchain through the "Proof-of-research" principle?
Proof-of-research - MINING!

Proof-of-Research mining based on BOINC technology. Projects supported by the ScientificCoin platform will be able to use the computing power of miners for research. This type of mining is available to any computer in the world.
How long will Airdrop be active?
Until the launch of the platform
We are glad to inform you that our team will present the SCIENTIFICCOIN project at the CIS Fintech and Banking Summit, which will be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on March, 27-28
We are glad about your interest in the SCIENTIFICCOIN project. You can get a small amount of free tokenss using these two services: SCIENTIFICCOIN platform and MonsterBrain.

We are not an ICO, the tokens we created until the launch of the platform are distributed free of charge among students and scientific developers. We are financed by investment companies and Venture funds. If you want to become a partner, please fill out the form below.

In addition, please use our live Telegram chat in English.
Scientific Coin Inc
The White Summers Building 541 Jefferson Ave., Ste. 100
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+1 (669) 246-3356
- Viale Castagnola 27, Lugano, Switzerland, 6900;
- Technoparkovaya 10/1, Koltsovo, Novosibirsk region, Russia, 630559.
We are glad to inform you that our team will present the SCIENTIFICCOIN project at the CIS Fintech and Banking Summit, which will be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on March, 27-28
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