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Scientific Bounty
Scientific Bounty welcomes you!

Here you can earn, performing the simplest tasks that you used to do in your daily life, completely free.
We suggest that you become one of those who will tell the world about the existence of Scientificcoin. Choose from the list of ways that you will like, and keep your wallet open, after we begin to fill it with SNcoins!

In the first instance, please get yourself familiar with the concept of creating the Scientificcoin platform and services available on it, such as and . The growth of the Scientificcoin community of people involved in research, venture capital investment or enterprises in need of various scientific developments is the main goal of this advertising campaign!

Any Scientific Bounty participant should take seriously and carefully advertise Scientificcoin without using insulting content, unworthy calls or lies. Being the owner of SNcoin, each Scientific Bounty participant is interested in the growth of participants in the Scientificcoin platform (scientists, students, investors, scientific organizations) as with the community growth the demand for and the cost of SNcoin increase.

You can do the following tasks at will, at any time and in any order.
Your fee will be automatically received in Sncoin.

Scientificcoin Promotion Options.

1. Signature campaign on SNcoin 0.01 for any post or comment with the Scientificcoin signature, in any topic and in any section, up to 40 per day. The minimum validity period is 1 month. (If you delete the signature before the expiration of the minimum period, the SNcoin granted within the Signature campaign will be deleted).

Member – SNcoin 0.01 for one post,
Full Member 0.012,
Sr.Member 0.015,
Hero Member 0.018,
Legendary 0.02.

Please remember to follow the Scientificcoin key topic on bitcointalk , to ask questions, to help with answers and comments.

2. Facebook – a repost of the latest publication ( 454914991593260 ) for 0.15 per day only 1 time per day. (Attention! We can remove an account in our discretion from the Facebook repost remuneration program, at the same time, all your SNcoins will be saved up! We often do this with fake accounts not having any actual subscribers).

3. Twitter – a retweet of the latest publication ( for 0.15 per day only 1 time per day. (Attention! We can remove an account in our discretion from the retweet remuneration program, at the same time, all your SNcoins will be saved up! We often do this with fake accounts not having any actual subscribers).

At the time of the platform launch, 1 SNcoin will cost USD 1.5.
If you want to participate in Scientific Bounty, you must:

1. Subscribe for medium (, read the articles about the project's concept and clap your hands if you like them.

2. Subscribe for reddit ( and leave even one comment or question in any publication(s).

3. Subscribe for Yutube channel ( ) and leave a comment if you wish.

4. Subscribe for scientificcoin on (

5. Join the Telegram chat ( to keep up with the latest news.

You can call the withdraw function to transfer to ethereum address when you have more than 30 SNcoin on your balance. Coins will be transferred to your wallet, which you can create here.

With the development of the Scientificcoin platform, their cost will grow, so we advise you not to rush to change them for fiat currency. With a little patience, you can catch a profitable course and exchange it at the best rate;) SNcoin will be listed on several exchanges after the ScientificCoin platform launch..

In addition, having accumulated a certain number of coins, the new oportunites will be available to you! For example, 40 SNcoins will allow you to become an expert and evaluate scientific projects that are listed on the Scientificcoin crowdfunding website. So you can accumulate even more coins! Scientificcoin provides for the acquisition of elevated user statuses. More about this you can read here

Thank you for your participation in the birth of the revolutionary project that will take part of the huge market of science, education and related industries with a market volume of USD 25.8 trillion Knowledge- and technology intensive (KTI) industries (

And Good Luck!

In order to join the scientific bounty, please register on the platform
We are glad about your interest in the SCIENTIFICCOIN project. You can get a small amount of free tokenss using these two services: SCIENTIFICCOIN platform and MonsterBrain.

We are not an ICO, the tokens we created until the launch of the platform are distributed free of charge among students and scientific developers. We are financed by investment companies and Venture funds. If you want to become a partner, please fill out the form below.

In addition, please use our live Telegram chat in English.
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We are glad to inform you that our team will present the SCIENTIFICCOIN project at the CIS Fintech and Banking Summit, which will be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on March, 27-28
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