You may call me Captain Obvious, but one of the main goals that developers set for themselves when creating cryptocurrencies is to gain a ticket to the millionaires' club. And as a rule, luck is the main factor determining their success. Lots of fairly good technical ideas and socially beneficial products vanish without a trace in the flood of other cryptocurrency projects. The success of a cryptocurrency depends on the number of its holders, its trading volume, its listing on the main exchanges, etc. This recurrent misfortune can be accounted for by the fact that an unwealthy developer cannot pay for their entry into an exchange, let alone cover any marketing expenditures. And a wealthy founder of a cryptocurrency risks creating an uninteresting product while spending a great deal of money on dubious marketing. Additionally, the greater part of marketing offers in the crypto world turn out to be "gray" companies, or even students who do it unofficially.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin and Etherium are now being taken seriously in big financial circles, and all the other thousands of cryptocurrencies are seen as shams by serious venture capitalists, there are a few worthy examples of new cryptocurrencies, such as NEO, which became 25000% more valuable in the space of a year. I think we can all agree that this won't be the last such example on the crypto market, which has, in my opinion, reached the gold rush stage.

In this article, I'll tell you everything we are going to do when creating the new cryptocurrency, I'll promise in advance to forget what a commercial secret is, and that experience and knowledge can be sold. I want to prove that honest talk about our activities will not scare away big partners but only deliver reliable information about the essence of the project and the progress of its implementation. And considering the bundle of benefits and the uniqueness of this project, it will be impossible to copy; I'm not afraid of that at all.

ScientificCoin is a crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology, with the purpose of financing scientific projects. The platform is unique because it uses a hybrid system for evaluating scientific projects; a mathematical algorithm combined with decentralized expert analysis, creating a high value service platform. Scientific Coin Inc is owned by several well-known scientists and founders of various successful startups. Scientific Coin Inc. is a parent company which has subsidiaries in Switzerland - an authorized cryptocurrency company, and Russia - the creator of the software, mathematical algorithms and other intellectual property.

I probably was not the only one to have a good laugh, looking at projects launched as ICOs, in which people invested 3-5 millions dollars just in order to develop "a blockchain thingy." On the crypto market, the main expenditure in ICO projects is marketing. Thousands of adventurers compete for the same investors' attention. The databases containing email addresses of crypto investors, BitcoinTalk users and cryptoexchanges users are sold and re-sold from one project to another. Before Facebook and Google banned the advertising of crypto projects, a visit to a website related to cryptocurrency would inevitably result in ICO advertising appearing endlessly in one's feed.
In my opinion, there is something wrong with a project that spends 70% of its budget on advertising, especially if it isn't spending its own money but using funds collected as investments. An ICO project is different from parliamentary or mayoral elections)))))).

To get a great number of SNcoin holders involved in the project, we are going to send 1 coin to each of the 200,000 accounts on Ethereum. This is a logical step for us, because for our crowdfunding platform the most valuable thing is users. Of course, we didn't invent anything new (a bounty campaign, an airdrop), we just took 200,000 unique addresses of other ICOs' active token holders from After having spent about 30,000 dollars on the GAS, this way we will lure the crypto enthusiasts into our platform. An obvious advantage over an airdrop or a bounty campaign is that the gift receiver will not sell the coin instantaneously due to its insignificant value; they will wish for its growth - let's once again remember NEO (X25).

As Ethereum is very popular now, we are going to use it for the distribution of our ERC-20 tokens, which will eventually be replaced by coins from our very own blockchain. So, we won't have to advertise our own blockchain wallet and talk users into downloading it. They will do it themselves later in order to have the existing ERC-20 token automatically replaced with the SNcoin.

During the process of creating ScientificCoin, we sent personal messages to everyone associated with "cryptocurrency" and "blockchain" on LinkedIn. As a result, we received about 5,000 recommendations and comments. The most prominent desire of them was the investors' wish to invest into another Ethereum. Some crypto investors even have the notion of "Х", which is the ratio of an asset's growth over a short period of time. Taking this information into account, we intend to distribute the tokens as a private offering among an enlightened audience, those who are commonly referred to as "business angels."

In Information Age society, "influencers" become more and more important. Personal fame turns into a very valuable resource and this can't be ignored when marketing any mass product. I think you will agree that the crypto community is very influenced by such people. Opinion leaders can pump up a coin's value on the exchanges by posting news about a cryptocurrency they like. And their readers, remembering the success story of that "crypto celebrity", count on getting their desired "X".
At the moment of the platform's launch we will have a strong audience of SNcoin holders and potential interest for making purchases at the exchanges. The average cost of the listing on second-tier exchanges is about 10,000 U.S. dollars. But exchanges like Kraken, Poloniex, or Bittrex do not accept unpopular coins for listing. A large number of coin holders will come in handy here, and so will an active discussion of the project among the crypto community.

All these measures will encourage potential investors to purchase a limited number of coins at the stage of a private offering (30,000,000 coins). A big investor, having received reliable information about the project and its organizers, will think of investing 0.1-2% of their portfolio into a potentially super-profitable project. In our case, this is the most efficient way, as a big investor will not sell off all their coins after they grow by 2-3 times, because they want to support the community's growth – and thus the value of the coin as well. The main mistake of projects that give preference to bounty campaigns and airdrops is that the numerous enthusiasts who have received tokens for free will sell them on the exchange at once after the end of the ICO. This decreases the value of the coin dramatically, causes panic among investors, and puts the stamp of sadness on the project.

Unfortunately, the emerging sphere of ICOs, which is not controlled by regulators yet, invents the rules as it goes along. Some ICO projects practice the following tactics:

- announce the soft cap of, say, 3 Million dollars

- use a script that will automatically create hundreds or thousands of controlled wallets. It will, using the developers' own money in the turnover, purchase tokens from its own project. Today nobody controls the creation of new wallets, which can be perceived by real investors as actual people

- this way, they fill their wallet (contract address) with mostly phony transactions, for example, in the amount of 1.5 Million
dollars – half of the soft cap. When watching these transactions on , the investor will not think that these frequent receipts of funds are only the work of scripts

- showing how successful they are in doing so, they can collect about 100-200K USD from second-rate investors purely based on the "hype"

- one week before the end of the ICO, they declare that the soft cap has been collected (hence making it clear to potential investors that success is inevitable)

- they sell tokens to themselves in the amount of another 1.5 Million, announcing that 4.5 Million have been collected successfully (but having in fact collected only 200-300 thousand)

- after the end of ICO, having paid 20 - 50 thousand USD for the listing on several exchanges, they decrease the value of their tokens together with "bounty hunters," selling them for any possible price. As the expenses of the creation and technical implementation of many projects aren't high, the organizers don't hesitate to sell a part of the accumulated tokens for a knock-down price, hoping that eventually the coin will have its hype, and the investors will start investing dollars in it, like investing in Bitcoin.

As the funds have to be returned to the investors in case the softcap is not achieved, and huge amounts of money have already been spent on marketing, they see such manipulations as the only possible way out.

To avoid such a situation, we see the sale of tokens as a way to popularize the platform and not as a means to attract funds just to complete it. Therefore, we do not persuade potential investors to urgently buy a great number of SNcoins. We are going to continue working on the platform in any case, and the very idea of creating a platform for scientific projects with decentralized expert evaluation obliges us to be consistent and transparent to all parties involved.

We will use such forums as BitcoinTalk and Reddit, as well as social networks, including asking the existing and future participants in the project to re-post our articles and publications. We'll benefit greatly from meaningful articles on the portal. We are not going to advertise our project with the aid of youtube bloggers nor in venues where the audience mostly consists of newbies to crypto investments.

My prejudice that Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are merely pyramid schemes has not changed. But to be effective, the ScientificCoin platform requires decentralized experts, the great value of which I described in the previous article After we are broadly recognized, the ScientificCoin platform will become the foundation of the eponymous cryptocurrency, which cannot be ruined by currency rate volatility.

Having millions of SNcoin owners, we will reach the same critical mass achieved by well-known social networks, mobile applications and so on. The holders will use ScientificCoin to generate passive income (each project that has attracted financing via ScientificCoin pays a 5% commission of the raised amount, which will be annually distributed among the holders). The other platform users will earn money by working as experts or miners, doing socially useful work.

Perhaps the volatility of this cryptocurrency will be much lower than for most cryptocurrencies, since it will be more profitable for SNcoin holders who generate passive income to keep the coins than to fall for speculators' manipulations. Having these instruments, a participant of the ScientificCoin platform will not perceive a sharp drop of SNcoin's rate the same way they would a sharp drop of Bitcoin's.

When carrying on negotiations with scientists concerning participation in our project, I had to briefly explain the advantages of blockchain, to distinguish it from the negative image of cryptocurrency most mature users associate it with. The ScientificCoin platform could exist without cryptocurrency speculations, but we will not create a closed blockchain ( in which the token is not traded on exchanges) as we would not be able to use the advantages of frenzy, which in its turn will make the platform recognizable to those who like making money quickly on cryptocurrencies.

Undoubtedly, we are going to encounter legal issues, for that purpose we have created a cryptocurrency company in Switzerland registered with FINMA, which will handle all our crypto operations.

We are glad to inform you that our team will present the Scientificcoin project at the Finnovation,
which will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa on October, 1st.
We are glad about your interest in the scientificcoin project. You can get a small amount of free coins using these two services: ScientificCoin platform and MonsterBrain.

We are not an ICO, the tokens we created until the launch of the platform are distributed free of charge among students and scientific developers. We are financed by investment companies and Venture funds. If you want to become a partner, please fill out the form below.

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We are glad to inform you that our team will present the Scientificcoin project at the Finnovation,
which will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa on October, 1st.
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