sC is a unique Technology Transfer Innovations Park in Dubai, an ecosystem for scientific entrepreneurship with a decentralized evaluation of innovative projects based on the infrastructure of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Skolkovo Foundation. The innovation park is being designed in the interests of investment funds, venture capital companies, private and public backbone enterprises of the Persian Gulf countries, Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Russia.

In the current global changes in the world order, fragmentation of markets and isolation of technological zones, the problem of access to innovations, new technologies and materials becomes especially relevant. The world's largest scientific centers such as China, the EU, USA have their own closed infrastructure for the development of innovations, applied and fundamental sciences. Geopolitical ambitions and the availability of capital limit the possibility of technology transfer from these regions to other countries, especially those with a neutral status. Small countries do not have sufficient scientific infrastructure, experience and culture of innovation development, formed over many decades; meanwhile, the financial, industrial and human capital of many countries is sufficient for the development of the scientific environment in the long term.

The Russian Federation is the 4th in the world in terms of the number of scientists, the Russian Academy of Sciences was formed in 1724, it has institutes in all scientific disciplines without exception, many Soviet technologies remain unsurpassed after decades. The Skolkovo Foundation has formed an effective system for evaluating innovative projects, as well as supporting them at the growth stages.

Dubai is the largest business center for 72 countries with more than 40% of the total population of the earth. Being a free economic zone and a center of capital accumulation, this is the most popular region for business from countries that are neutral to geopolitical alliances.

Developing countries in Africa, the densely populated countries of the Indian Ocean and the energy resource-rich countries of the Persian Gulf are characterized by the desire to gain access to new technologies to develop their own progress. Sovereign funds of the Gulf countries, investment companies in the region are undoubtedly safer to invest in innovative companies located in Dubai than in the foreign territories, especially the world's largest powers.

Any investment in an innovative project is associated with the risk of incorrect expert assessment, insufficient audit of the technology's commercial potential, legal risks and protection of intellectual property rights. That is why venture financing institutions were not widely developed before the society informatization era. Even fifty years ago, most of the scientific developments were financed by government subsidies. Investment and venture funds today are still unable to assess the scientific value of each new technology without the infrastructure of thousands of scientific specialists, which only major world powers have.

Today, using modern information technologies, scientific and human potential of Russia, we are designing an ecosystem for scientific entrepreneurship, which will include:

  • Decentralized evaluation of innovative projects, start-ups, and scientific research in social, economic, agricultural and other areas.

  • Audit and support on the investor of scientific developments side to sC Dubai resident companies.

  • A freelance platform for non-Dubai resident narrow profile scientific specialists and entrepreneurs from all over the world which allows to order unique scientific research, innovative product, etc.

The uniqueness of this platform is in the use of a hybrid system for evaluating scientific projects. Decentralized peer review by a community of professionals, not only from authorized expert scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, but also from specialists from any other country, gives a high indicator of objectivity and transparency of the assessment.

The sC Expert Council is an unlimited number of citizens of any country with different skills, knowledge, experience, and mentality. The Internet platform used for the examination of innovative projects will be completely transparent without the possibility of hidden moderation of the evaluation results, expert reviews and comments of any users. The expert will receive remuneration from the sC funds replenished by sC residents. The amount of remuneration will be determined by the degree of involvement, the level of the expert and the quality of previous reviews.

Given the high reliability of the expert opinion, scientific projects, startups, experimenters, students, professors with teams of scientists will be able to receive the necessary funds, and investors will be able to obtain a reliable assessment of profitability and risks due to the decentralization of experts. It is important to note that some projects may be socially oriented or explore fundamental areas of science. In this case funding will be of a grant nature, and in the case of non-state structures - philanthropy.

Thus, the sC platform will be able to radically change both the qualitative and quantitative indicators of investment in innovation:

For investment funds and entrepreneurs:

  • will greatly simplify the search for high-tech and scientific projects
  • reduce the risk of technology failure and unattainable results
  • will avoid the process of searching for narrow specialists for audit, which will disproportionately reduce the amount of time for examination
For technology startups and inventors will allow:

  • get an independent assessment of projects and improve technology bottlenecks
  • find access to new markets
  • receive funding from foundations and private investors
  • apply for government programs

Our laboratory was formed in 2007, in the largest Russian scientific research city, Akademgorodok (Novosibirsk region). It was a Soviet Union analog of the Silicon Valley created in 1960.

We have a wide expertise in various medical fields as well as biotechnology, nanotechnology, chemistry, physics, mathematics & data science
The company is part of three organizations working in the field of science, located across 3 continents .

Dubai Silicon Oasis, the SIT Tower office 1810