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What is the idea of the Scientificcoin platform?
Scientificcoin is a platform for free placement of research projects that need private investment. With the help of crowdfunding, the creators of scientific projects, avoiding the search for intermediaries and marketing costs, can realize their projects. Projects placed on the Scientificcoin platform undergo a mathematical algorithm evaluation procedure and a decentralized expert council.
What is a mathematical algorithm?
The mathematical algorithm is a program specially developed by us for evaluating projects at specified quotations, such as: knowledge intensity, resources, profitability, commercializability, project risks and even more than 6 characteristics.
What is a decentralized expert council?
An expert council consisting of independent citizens of different countries who are not familiar with each other and who use a decentralized platform based on blockchain. Expert council is required to supplement the evaluation results with a mathematical algorithm. A lively, impartial and public discussion of scientific projects will help to identify all the "pitfalls", determine the majority's opinion about the project and help potential investors understand the essence of the project and its prospects.
How to avoid manipulation of experts?
Experts who use bots and other prohibited techniques, as well as those who put scores at random and do not ponder the essence of the project, the mathematical algorithm recognizes and imposes penalties or ban. Here is a link to an article that details this issue in detail
What features does the Scientificcoin platform provide for users?
The platform allows any user to generate revenue. Acting as an expert that any registered user can become, you can receive your reward at SNcoin for a thoughtful and balanced approach to the evaluation of scientific projects. The evaluation takes place in the form of marking out the given quotations, and public discussion of projects through comments is also available.

The platform provides an opportunity to engage in mining, based on Proof-of-research technology.

Scientificcoin provides an opportunity for investors to dispose of their funds without intermediaries, independently weigh the pros and cons, having studied the detailed information about the project thanks to the final evaluations of the mathematical algorithm and the expert council, as well as during open public discussion and the possibility of personal communication with the creators of the scientific project .
How to register on the Scientificcoin platform?
To register on the platform, you must have 1 or more Scientificcoin token.
How to buy Scientificcoin tokens?
Tokens are distributed free of charge among the student community, in the scientific community, and among the leaders of the opinion of the cryptocurrency market. You can purchase from 1000 tokens at a closed sale by contacting at or via Telegram chat
Why the Scientificcoin platform use a blockchain?
Only thanks to the use of blockchain technology we will be able to create a decentralized expert evaluation, carry out annual universal voting of SNCOIN holders, create smart contracts for scientific development, attract platform participants, and reward experts, miners and SNcoin holders.
What is the emission of Scientificcoin tokens?
The emission of Scientificcoin tokens amounts to 100 million coins.
What is the original cost of Scientificcoin tokens?
At the time of launching the beta version of the platform, the cost of the token is $ 1,5.
Do you plan to develop your own blockchain?
Yes. The Scientificcoin token exists on the basis of the Etherium (ERC-20 token). After the platform will created in February 2019, each token will be replaced with SNcoin of our own blockchain.
What amount is going to be collected by the Scientificcoin platform?
We have not and will not conduct a classic ICO to complete the development of the platform. We created it by 60% using our own funds.
What projects are on the platform?
On the platform are placed scientific projects from different scientific fields. Each project has an individual development stage and payback period.
Are the holders of Scientificcoin receiving income?
Each project that attracts funding through Scientificcoin pays 5% of the amount collected, which will be distributed annually among SNcoin holders.
Why invest in scientific projects on the Scientificcoin platform, if you can invest it in a venture fund?
The difference is that the venture fund decides for you where to invest, using his subjective opinion about the prospects of the project being invested. Scientificcoin gives you an honest environment for your own disposal of personal funds. Having studied the information about the project, having communicated directly with the developers of the project, having analyzed the final evaluation of the mathematical algorithm and the expert council, the investor, weighing independently all the pros and cons makes a decision about investing. With the help of the templates developed by us, smart contracts, transactions between investors and creators of scientific projects will be convenient and safe.
What is the minimum amount of investment?
The minimum amount of investment in any scientific project will be determined directly by the creator of the smart contract, in the code of which this information will be incorporated.
How long does it take to return an investment?
The deadlines for the implementation of each scientific project are individual. They depend on the scale of the project. It is necessary to understand that a long-term investment in a large scientific project can bring greater financial benefit than investing in a small project. Risks, prospects, profitability of projects will be evaluated even before the creation of a smart contract.
How to invest in one of the scientific projects on the platform?
To invest in the project, you can directly contact the creator of the scientific project on the platform Scientificcoin, as well as using the smart contract that he created.
How to become an expert on the Scientificcoin platform?
To become an expert and start evaluating scientific projects, earning SNcoin, you need to register on the platform and have 40 or more SNcoin.
How many experts are needed to evaluate projects?
The experts involved in the evaluation of the project can be an unlimited number. Minimum and maximum required number is not provided. The more interesting and promising the scientific project, the more attention it will attract from experts.
How to earn Scientificcoin tokens by evaluating scientific projects?
In addition to the annual accrual of 5% to SNCOIN passive holders, active users who are experts and who have evaluated scientific projects receive additional compensation for the thoughtful and objective awarding of scores to scientific projects on existing quotes. In the case of negligent attitude to the evaluation of scientific projects, the platform provides for a system of fines and bans.
How not to get a fine or a ban when evaluating scientific projects?
A mathematical algorithm that tracks the work of experts will notice the use of bots or the evaluation of projects at random. For such actions, the user will be fined or sent to the ban.
We are glad to inform you that our team will present the Scientificcoin project at iBLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT, which will be held in Guangzhou China, on 2-3 November 2018
We are glad about your interest in the scientificcoin project. You can get a small amount of free coins using these two services: ScientificCoin platform and MonsterBrain.
At the moment, ScientificCoin is at the stage of a closed token sale. If you want to purchase SNcoin, please fill out a short token purchase application and indicate your region of residence and your native language.

In addition, please use our live Telegram chat in English.
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We are glad to inform you that our team will present the Scientificcoin project at iBLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT, which will be held in Guangzhou China, on 2-3 November 2018
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